How It Works

It costs thousands of dollars to make your website reach the top of Google with SEO. Instead of employing a costly service to rank your website, we will do the work and send you the leads that count. Why spend your own money on Pay Per click when you get charged every time someone just clicks and doesn't call? Now you will only be paying for someone that actually needs your service. Whether you are trying to grow your business or already established, this program can work for you.

  • Step 1: Customer calls our Toll Free Number
  • Step 2: Our agent gathers customer’s information and verifies there is a need for service
  • Step 3: Our agent calls you and explains problem, then transfer customer to your phone
  • Step 4: You book the Job!

You only pay for the leads that are transferred to your phone. All leads are exclusive and will not be sold over and over again. You pay at the end of each week for the leads you received that week. All payments are automatic, so its hassle free!